Seasonal Products - Spring

orange mint Soap Bar

Citrus Chamomile 

Shampoo Bar

cool fresh aloe Lotion

Seasonal Products - Winter

Ginger Spice Soap Bar

French Lavender Shampoo Bar

Cherry Vanilla Lotion

Monthly Products - March

Nag Champa Soap Bar

Coconut Milk Shampoo Bar

French Pear Lotion

Monthly Products - February

Romance Soap Bar

Pink Grapefruit Shampoo Bar

Wild Passion Lotion

Monthly Products - January

Oatmeal Milk & honey Soap Bar

Shea & Oats Shampoo Bar

Honeysuckle Lotion

Monthly Products - December

Grapefruit Orange Soap Bar

Babassu Coconut Shampoo bar

Lemon Coconut Lotion

Product Plans

Seasonal Plan

Pay Every Month for 12 Months

4 packages per year, each customized for the season.

4 Large Unique Boxes For Each Season


Pay Every Month for 12 Months

Easy and convenient. Different scents in every box, similar box each month.

12 Unique Boxes For Every Month

Monthly Plan