Meet Our Team

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Zoe Tweedie


The purpose of the Chief Executive Officer is to oversee and coordinate all company proceedings. This includes creating the Business Plan and representing the company at all major functions.


James Lu


The purpose of the CTO is to oversee the IT Department of this company. In this specific company, it exists is to establish and maintain a website and make sure products are on the website. The CTO also help around with any technological issues within other departments.

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Jacob Fuhr


The position of CFO exists to oversee the Accounting and Finance departments. The Chief Financial Officer helps organize and run the departments that report to them as well as CFO work with other departments and the CEO to ensure the financial needs of the company are being addressed. The CFO focuses on the financial plans and policies of the company, company accounts, and the payroll.

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Jessie Fan


The CMO Oversees development of Blue Leaf’s marketing objectives and implementation of Blue Leaf’s strategic marketing plan; distributes roles to other employees within the marketing department; heavily involved and maintains a leadership role in creating the promotional materials and establishing Blue Leaf’s aesthetic.

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Nishi Patel


The main goal of the CHRO is to oversee all the personnel in the company. This comes with three major functions: to create and manage files on said personnel so that the company has proper records, address issues with personnel such as hiring and firing; and lastly, overseeing the Human Resources department which will also carry out some of these responsibilities. Additional responsibilities may include formulate career development plans for all personnel and see how they are improving throughout the year, manage other plans that ensure that our employees are legally cared for and safe.


Karthik Kundurthy

R&D Head

The R&D Head designs, develops, and refines products; Conducts research and performs tests on potential products; Must write written summaries of product performances and new product ideas to relay between the department head and the advisory board, including the CEO; Must often conduct other research not directly related to products if need be; Works closely with sales and marketing in order to develop the product line; Contributes to the written business plan


Vatsala Swamy


The position of Chief Sales Officer exists to provide leadership and direction to the overall sales department and be able to analyze the sales made by a company. They must use this information to produce sales strategies that will increase the revenue generated by a company. In addition to guiding the sales team, the CSO has to research sales tactics, contracts, and contact other companies to generate sales.